Quiet time.

After two weeks off for my tonsillectomy in June, followed by one week of school, followed by two weeks off because of morning swim lessons (my kids’ brains just do not function well in the afternoon and we need quiet time!), we are back at it again. Finally. I was desperately beginning to miss the routine and predictability of our schedule. Is it officially a habit? I’m not sure. There are many days I pass on formal instruction and feel no guilt about it. I don’t feel that we are missing something or breaking from a habit. But I DID notice when we were forced to abandon any hope of decent lessons. Things went south very quickly! Now that normalcy is almost reigning again, mostly due to returning to our schedule, I’ll update the blog.


Tenel Ka has begun preschool. She had done some printables at the table with Leia and Luke, but nothing official. I finally needed her to DO something constructive during school, so I brought back some free preschool resources we used with Luke way back when and thought they would be right at her level. Only two days in and she definitely takes pride in her work, letting her siblings know that she has school now.

We had to start our lessons with history, rather than saving it until the end, otherwise we spend too much time waiting for Luke to complete his math. I also use the timer (15 minutes, typically) to determine the time Luke has to finish his lesson. He is so easily distracted that I have begun sending him to his room to focus. Today I informed him that unless he completed his work by the beep, he would not get media time (mind you, I would never send him with a lesson I did not believe he should be able to complete – the problems were very elementary). I know he is capable of so much more than he demonstrates and I need him to apply himself. He finished the work, almost 40 simple math problems, in less than half the time I gave him, which is a far cry from the three problems in fifteen minutes he completed last week when he was downstairs. A simple case of a distracted mind.

We are adding Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology back into the rotation. We had previously completed through part of Lesson 3, and just started at Lesson 4. Luke still has his Junior Notebooking Journal to accompany the lessons. I’ll just use appropriate printables for Leia. I’m not sure if I’ll have her use the journal or if I’ll wait for the next time around (with Apologia, they have six “Exploring Creation” books which are intended to be used from 1st through 6th grades). Leia, being only in Kindergarten this year, will get this text again in several years.

We have also reinstated quiet time. This is a one-hour period of time when each child goes to their own room, closes the door, and does something quiet. Kyp sleeps. Luke usually reads (he has legos in his room as well). Leia usually lays in bed and whispers an imaginary story to herself, although today I saw her take a book with her when I sent her up. Tenel Ka is the rebellious one who constantly comes out. She’ll figure out eventually that it’s enjoyable to be alone, though all kids but Leia fight quiet time. They want to keep playing together. They all benefit from it, obviously, but Leia regroups during quiet. She needs it, as do I.


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